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The seven key words are the foundation for creating a positive, healthy learning environment at the school. Each word explains the way we want to act.

Cooperate to make school a place to work and learn.

Lend a helping hand.

Be truthful about your actions.

Be nice to others.

Respect others and their property.

Be in charge of your actions.

Be careful and do not hurt yourself or others.


Sangster School strives to make the school a place where everyone has the opportunity to do the best possible job. We will endeavour to achieve the Seven Words of Conduct and Statements of Behaviour.
STATEMENTS OF BEHAVIOUROur school is a place where we will all do the following:

• Show respect to other people and their property

This means: we will show people kindness; we will help people; we will work to see that the property of others is not damaged; we will include others in activities; we will listen to what other people say and recognize what others do; we will follow directions.

• Act so we do not hurt other people or threaten to hurt other people

This means: we will not do anything that will hurt a person’s body or their feelings; we
will not bully or threaten to hurt anyone in any way; we will find ways to handle problems
to avoid hurting others.

• Give others a chance to play and learn

This means: we will help others to join in activities; we will cooperate with each other; we will be responsible for our actions and honest about our behaviour; we will set good examples in everything that we do.

• Make school a safe place to be

This means: we will keep the school free of dangerous things; we will remind each other  of those things that are unsafe.


Should the Statements of Behaviour not be followed, consequences will come from one
or more of the following. Consequences will be based on the type of misbehaviour and how often the student misbehaves.

• phone call to parents • meeting to discuss the problem

• playground cleanup • referral to counsellor

• referral to Principal • replacement of damaged property

• time out • loss of school lunch privileges

• walking with supervisor • loss of playground privileges

• loss of privileges – field trips,  school sponsored extra-curricular actiivities

• writing an apology letter

• restricted school hours

• conduct sheet to parents

• severe or repeated playground misbehaviour will result in the student being suspended from grounds for a minimum of one week

• suspension

• actions directed by the Criminal Code

• actions directed by District policy and regulations

In accordance with District Policy, the B.C Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code there will be zero tolerance for the following:

threat or bullying

physical, verbal or sexual abuse

possession or use of weapons

disobedience or refusal to follow adult directions

possession or use of illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco)

theft and vandalism

violence of any form

discrimination against a person or group of people on the basis of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, family/marital status, gender, physical/mental disability, sex or sexual orientation