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Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Kind, Everyone has fun

The Code of Conduct is established for the benefit of everyone at Sangster Elementary School.  Our goal is to assist students in developing self-discipline and a sense of social responsibility.  Students must recognize that any behaviour which interferes with the safety and learning of others is unacceptable.



Sangster Elementary School believes that all students have the right to learn in a safe and respectful environment.  The responsibility for teaching appropriate acceptable behaviour is shared between the home and school.  Only by working together can we promote positive and responsible student conduct.


Learner Core Competencies:

Communication – I recognize there are different points of view

Creative Thinking – I can get new ideas or build on others ideas to solve a problem

Critical Thinking – I can consider more than one solution to a problem

Positive Personal and Cultural Identify – I understand that I am part of many different groups

Personal Awareness and Responsibility – I can advocate for myself and others; I can use strategies to help me manage my emotions and feelings; I can make good choices

Social Responsibility – I can contribute to my classroom and school to make it a better place



Every student at Sangster Elementary School has RIGHTS.  With those rights come RESPONSIBILITIES.

  • I have the Right to learn.

It is my Responsibility to listen to instructions, to work quietly, and to raise my hand if I have a question or concern.

  • I have the Right to be safe.

It is my Responsibility not to engage in rough play, to threaten, bully or physically harm anyone else.

  • I have the Right to hear and be heard.

It is my Responsibility not to interrupt others or make unnecessary noise.

  • I have the Right to be respected.

It is my Responsibility not to tease, bother or upset other people or hurt their feelings.

  • I have the Right to privacy and to my own personal space.

It is my Responsibility to respect the personal property of others, and to accept their right to privacy.

  • I have the Right to a clean, healthy environment.

It is my Responsibility to dispose of garbage and keep my work and play area clean.

In accordance with District Policy, the B.C Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code there will be zero tolerance for the following:

threat or bullying

physical, verbal or sexual abuse

possession or use of weapons

disobedience or refusal to follow adult directions

possession or use of illegal substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco)

theft and vandalism

violence of any form

discrimination against a person or group of people on the basis of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, family/marital status, gender, physical/mental disability, sex or sexual orientation