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Calendar 2024-25 - FINAL
Sangster School Operation Details - 2024-25 - Letter to Parents
Colour Calendar 2024-25

To sign in to MyEducation Parent Portal please go to https://myeducation.gov.bc.ca/ .  Be sure to use a desktop or laptop, NOT a mobile device (iPad, cell phone, etc.) for the initial sign in.  Use your e-mail you gave to the school for communications as your username and the school generated password you can get from the office.  It will prompt you to create your own password at this time and then you will be able to continue using mobile devices if you choose.

MyEd Login Tips
MyEdBC Family Portal Instructional Manual


Hello Sangster Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous support this year with our fundraisers. As you know the money we raise goes back to the students and teachers at Sangster. It pays for things like sports equipment, classroom materials, music supplies, choir music, special guests, field trips, and paid for the Gaga Ball pit.

We want to let you know about two more fundraisers we have this summer. 

Firstly, we partnered with Monk Office to offer you school supply kits for next year. Monk Office school supply kits save you time and money and can either be delivered to the school in September or you can pick up from the Monk Office store of your choice. Please read the attached letter explaining about the school supply kits and how to order them. Orders must be placed before July 24 to benefit from the savings and get your kit delivered to Sangster in September. Any kits delivered to the school will be labeled with your child’s name and grade. Our PAC gets 10% from each kit sold.

To order with Monk Office please visit:



PAC Code: 301C4C

You can find the 2024/2025 school supply lists here if you wish to shop on your own: https://sangster.web.sd62.bc.ca/students/school-supply-list/

Please note: everything on the school supply lists is required. If you use Monk Office, some of these items may be listed as optional as we assumed you may be able to reuse things like scissors and rulers. If you don’t have those things to reuse, please add to your cart before you check out.

Secondly, we have an account with Olivers labels. These personalized stickers are great for labeling clothing, shoes, backpacks, lunch containers and more! Our PAC gets 20% back on all purchases.

You can shop for labels here: http://www.oliverslabels.com/SangsterPAC 

Thank you again for your support this year! 

Warm Regards,

Sangster PAC Executive 


Kindergarten Registration families please check your Catchment School at https://www.sd62.bc.ca/schools (copy and past the link) under Schools – Schools Locator Tool.  If you do not see your address listed please e-mail the Sangster office at sangster@sd62.bc.ca for an override code.

See the post below with full registration details.  Registration opens on Monday, January 29th at 8am and is only open to IN – Catchment students.



2024/25 Registration – Nature Kindergarten and Regular Kindergarten

Nature Kindergarten Information Session (Attendance required for registration): Thursday, January 11 at 6pm at Sangster or Saturday, January 13th at 10am at Saseenos. More information found here.

Nature Kindergarten Registration: January 15 at 8:00 a.m. to January 19 at 11:59 p.m. (Lottery) – CLOSED

Kindergarten Registration: January 29 from 8:00 a.m. to February 2 at 11:59 p.m. More information can be found here

If you have a child in K-4 at Sangster and will be enrolling a student in the regular Kindergarten program for 2024-2025, please email Ms. McFarlane so that we have this information as in-catchment siblings have priority. As well, when registering your new Kindergarten student, please make sure to list the current student’s name in the sibling section.


Kindergarten Supplies 2024-2025

Grade 1 Supplies 2024-2025 

Grade 2 Supplies 2024-2025

Grade 3 Supplies 2024-2025

Grade 4 Supplies 2024-2025

Grade 5 Supplies 2024-2025

If you would like a copy of the Nature Kindergarten List please e-mail Mrs. Plett at aplett@sd62.bc.ca

Calendar 2023-24 - FINAL

Please complete school consents at the following link.



• When using the system for the first time, parents must use the front page to request an access number (which acts as their password). This password will be sent to your email.
• Parents use the verification number to gain entry. From there, they can provide consent to the six activities. If your student is not listed, please make sure that the email address used is the same email address your student’s school has on file.
Here are the consents that are available as this time to be collected online:
1. Freshgrade (online tool)
2. GAFE (Student Access to Google Apps for Education)
3. Media Release
4. School Cash Online (KEV)
5. Short (Walking) Field Trips
6. Internet Access

When do the Consents expire?
• Some consents (namely GAFE, KEV, and FreshGrade) expire once a student leaves the district and/or graduates
• Some consents last one school year
• The system tracks the expiry of these consents. To renew a consent year to year (for Internet access, as an example) a parent simply reconnects to the system next school year.  The system will note that the consent has expired and will give parents an opportunity to renew their permission.