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Sangster. Bottle Drive. flyer. Apr 16
Sangster Elementary Newsletter February 17th
Friday, February 17th, 2022
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Sangster Elementary Newsletter
Friday, January 21st, 2022
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Sangster. Bottle Drive. flyer. Jan 15


Sangster. Bottle Drive. flyer. Jan 15


January 7th, 2022

Dear Sangster Elementary Families,

We are looking forward to welcoming students back on Monday, January 10th.  This past week, our District and staff team revisited our COVID 19 Health and Safety protocols and planned for continuity of learning, in the event we need to shift to at home learning. Please see the district email that was sent out by our superintendent earlier today for more information regarding these potential closures.  In the near future, each classroom teacher will be reaching out to their families regarding what Temporary-At-Home-Learning could look like for their class of students.

In preparation for Monday:

  • Please make sure you do a daily health check for your child each day and if they have any symptoms, including cold and flu symptoms, that they are kept home until the symptoms are resolved. If children are at school and become sick, we will be calling home and requesting a pick-up. Click here for the BC K-12 Health Check App.
  • Please send your child with a 3-layer mask to school and remind them to wear it properly, including sealing around the nose and mouth.
  • Pick-up and drop-off areas have changed for some of our classes:
    • Grade 5s will enter the building from the fire lane side of the building. Please drop your child off and pick your child up from this area.
    • Walker’s class will be dismissed to the back of the building to reduce congestion at the front of the building.
    • The undercover area often gets congested during dismissal time, so we encourage parents who are picking up their children from the back of the school to walk around the gym and use the fire lane to exit our back area.
  • When picking up and dropping off your child, please wear a mask on school grounds and avoid congregating in groups.  Please drop your child off as close to the bell as possible, and then we ask parents and family members to leave the school grounds.  At this time, our playground is still open before and after school for children to play, however we ask that only Sangster students use the playground during the school day.
  • Please do not go to the back of the building to pick-up your child until 2:45pm in order to allow our classes to use this area up until our 2:53pm dismissal time. Thank-you.
  • If your child is late arriving to school, please take them to the front of the building and call the school to let us know that they are here. Please wait until they are let into the school.

Enhanced Safety Protocols During School

We continue to review and revise our in-school safety measures including:

  • Reminding students to always wear their masks indoors, including when they enter the building from outside play time. It would be helpful if your child has a lanyard or clean pocket/container they can put their mask in when they go out to play.  We will be reviewing how to properly wear and then remove masks.
  • Reviewing handwashing and hand sanitizing processes
  • Reducing student traffic in the hallways, and entering and exiting the building by individual classes and not in groups.
  • Reminding students to keep their hands to themselves when playing and not to touch other students.
  • Postponing some clubs and activities, such as Nature Club and intramural sports
  • Postponing Hot Lunch due to the possibility of school closures. We will revisit Hot Lunch in mid-January to determine if we will have our February lunches.

Although this is not the start to 2022 that we had planned, we are excited and ready to welcome our 252 students back to Sangster on Monday! Please let me know if you have any questions in preparation for next week.


Camille McFarlane


Sangster Elementary



Nature Kindergarten Registration begins next week.  All interested families are invited to attend a mandatory virtual information sessions this week.  Please click on the links below to join the sessions.

Nature Kindergarten Registration  – Register is January 10-14, 2022

If registering for Nature Kindergarten you must attend a mandatory ONLINE parent information session on one of the following information dates.

For more information please visit the district website at https://www.sd62.bc.ca/schools/registration/nature-kindergarten

Kindergarten Registration  January 24-28, 2022
 Please find the Kindergarten registration information on the SD62 Website at https://www.sd62.bc.ca/schools/registration/kindergarten
Sangster Elementary Newsletter December
December 3, 2021
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