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PAC Executive 2017/18


President – Tracy Fontaine

Vice President – Shawn Creamer

Secretary – Jennifer Roberts-Hall

Treasurer – Britt Corkery

Sooke Parent Advisory Council Rep – Alison Tait

Fundraiser (2 positions) – Jillian Hazel, Erin Snook

Social Convener – Heather Bailey

Hot Lunch Coordinator (2 positions) – Peggii_Ann Marcoux & Deanna Sobieroy

Safe Arrival Coordinator – Wendy Foster

Members at Large (2 positions) – Gretchen Crane & Jodi Robertson

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator – Linda Baxter


Roles and Responsibilities of the PAC Executive

– Shall provide leadership

– Shall take initiative

– Shall carry on the council’s day-to-day business

– Shall consult with, take direction from, and represent all parents of the school.

– Shall work as a team to ensure PAC purposes are achieved.

– Shall attend all executive, general, and special meetings

– Shall be familiar with the Constitution and Bylaws, to carry out their duties as described


Positions on the PAC Executive

  • President – organizes and presides over the monthly meetings
  • Vice President – acts in the President’s absence
  • Secretary – records the monthly meeting minutes
  • Treasurer – maintains and reports on the PAC’s financial accounts
  • Sooke Parent Advisory Council (SPEAC) rep – attends the monthly district PAC meetings and reports back to our monthly PAC meeting
  • Fundraiser (ideally 2 positions) – organizes PAC fundraising events
  • Social Convener – organizes PAC sponsored social events (i.e. September meet the teachers night; teacher appreciation lunch)
  • Hot Lunch Coordinator (ideally 2 positions) – organizes the monthly hot lunches to the students
  • Safe Arrival Coordinator – carries out the school morning safe arrival function
  • Members at Large (2 positions) – the wild cards of the bunch: you never know what you’ll be asked to do!
  • Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (new position as of 2012/13 Exec)– always thinking of our safety during an emergency!  Plans, orders and maintains emergency equipment and materials.

The Sangster PAC Constitution, that describes the roles of each position as well as the purpose of the PAC, can be found here.

A Call for Nominations for the following school year’s PAC Executive goes out in April, with the election of positions at the May PAC meeting.


Classroom Parent Reps

What is a PAC Classroom Parent Rep?

A rewarding opportunity to participate in the classroom and support your child’s teacher, get acquainted with other parents and enrich your child’s school experiences.

What is their role?

To enhance communication between parents, teachers and the PAC by

  • Coordinating class volunteers for special activities and field trips.
  • Communicating important information to parents about classroom happenings (via email).
  • Maintaining current class list with phone numbers and emails.

What kind of commitment is ideal?

  • Comfort with sending/receiving email.
  • Small donation of time, some during the day.
  • Desire to support various class and school activities.

Here are the Classroom Parent Reps for 2015/16….

Div. 1 – Mr. Baxter – Suzanne Robertson

Div.2 – Van Dyk – Chantelle Fowler

Div. 3- – Mrs. Dickinson – Peggi-Ann Marcoux

Div. 4  – Mrs. Arnott – Britt Corkery

Div. 5 – Mrs. Moore – Colleen Morton

Div. 6 – Mrs. Becler – Alison Tait

Div.7  – Mrs. Hutchinson – Dana Dawson

Div. 8 – Mrs. Lund – Teri Wright

Div. 9 – Mrs. Henderson – Deanna Sobieroy

Div. 10 – Mrs. Skelton – Britt Corkery

Div. 11 – Ms. Lockerbie – Nikki Berti


Class reps should contact jennifers.story@gmail.com with any questions.