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Notice of PAC Annual General Meeting Wed, May 12th, 2021

6:30 pm via MS Teams

Regular PAC Meeting to immediately follow.

The PAC Annual General Meeting and elections will take place on Wed, May 12th, 2021 at 6:30 pm. Please send in your nomination for any position to Meagan Bagnall prior to the meeting or just show up and surprise us!    MeaganBagnall@gmail.com

I would like to take some time to communicate to the Sangster community the situation our school PAC is facing heading into the next school year.

All of the positions are open each year, however several members of this years PAC are either stepping down or leaving Sangster. These positions include; fundraising, vice-president, president and the glue of all PAC’s the treasurer’s role. If we do not fill the Treasurer position, the PAC will not be able to function and will have to be suspended.  We must have at the very least, a President, Treasurer, & Secretary.

You might not be aware of just how many things we take for granted in our schools that are paid for with PAC money.  Without a functioning PAC these enhancements to our children’s education will not take place.

Here are just a few examples of what an important role the funds raised by the PAC provides to our school.

  • All field trips that cost money are funded by the PAC (busses, admission)
  • Most cultural events brought into the school are funded by the PAC. (Theatre groups, musicians, authors, dancers etc.)
  • Classroom support for your teacher, (think supplies for science experiments, art projects etc.)
  • Swim Club is funded by the PAC
  • Science Venture is funded by the PAC
  • The fun events put on by the PAC, the Valentine Dance, Spring Fair, Christmas Store etc….

We appreciate people are busy with work, home and their kid’s extracurricular activities. We all understand because we too have those same commitments. Many members of our Sangster PAC work full-time, coach sports teams and Girl Guides and a host of other wonderful activities. If you can spare 1-2 hours per month to attend a meeting, I encourage you to consider coming out for the PAC.

If you have any questions about the further role PAC has as part of a school, or would like to know about any of the positions, please feel free to reach out.

Tracy Fontaine

(current) PAC president